24 April 2011

local history

i live in one of the greatest cities in the world

no really...i do

i have lived here all my life
(pittsburgh, pa)

i moved away for a year
(a LONG time ago)
and it made me realize how much i took it all for granted

anyway...ever since the ducky tour...
i have been wanting to explore more of our
fine city

so...a local tour group was doing
'test' tours and i signed up...

(usually a $25 charge, but since it was a test, it was free !)

this week's tour was our local Mt washington

which is a town high above the 'downtown'

the views are fabuous...have been photographed by many a professional photographer...

and as i learned on the tour,
it is supposedly the second best view of a city in the world...

(sorry, cant remember what she said the first one was)


it was a dreary rainy day...
so i didnt get really great pics...
but here goes

one of the coolest parts of mt washington
is just getting there.

we have 2 sets of historic inclines on this hill side

we rode this one

for those not familiar with an incline
it runs on 2 tracks and a sort of pulley system

when one goes up the other comes down

my friend Tess and Jordan and Krystal
who i dragged with me on this dreary day

alot of people ride this everyday to work

isnt that amazing...what a great way to  start your day

you can even bring your bike !

here's what they had to travel up before the incline was built...haha
can you imagine that walk every day !!!!

would keep you in shape i suppose !

and here is apic of what it looked like when it was first built

we have a really great city
and this summer i plan to stop taking it for granted
and explore more of it...

but this week...it's time to get back working
on the house....

tax season is over....
i have a couple weeks til my next show...


painting it is.............


Jane said...

Hi Jeanne,
I really enjoyed this post. I lived in Ohio for 11 years after I got out of college (Cleveland and then Canton) so I was in Pittsburgh a couple of times (and a lot of times through the airport). I remember the incline although I never got a chance to ride it. It is a pretty city with the rivers converging together.
I know what you mean about never touring the city you live in. I live in Kansas City, MO and we have the only WWI museum in the country. About 5 years after we moved here we finally decided one day to go tour the museum....it was fabulous. There are lots of other places we should go see around here too.
Have a great day.

Kelley - a very JunqueyGal! said...

I am terrified of the inclines - bad experience or something as a kid. Freaks me out - 'fraid I'll end up in that muddy river :D

ITA about the Burgh. We have such great history here...

Bohemian said...

Our oldest Daughter and her Family live in Pittsburgh... Belle Vernon. Lovely scenic farmland around their place, reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting... but the streets in Pittsburgh scare me half to death! *winks* And I was there in the Summertime... I couldn't even imagine how hairy it is driving those inclines in the Winter... on Ice... *Gasp*

It is wonderful when you live somewhere you absolutely Love... that is how I feel about Arizona... led the Gypsy life for decades, but when I settled here it just felt like Home and was the 1st place I ever stayed somewhat 'put'. *winks* Though I moved to several Homes throughout the years, we made the Metro Phoenix area our Home Base.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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