30 October 2012


* * *

just a really quick post to let you know 
that we arrived home safe and sound..

quite rattled, but safe...

many many of the vendors, 
and i imagine all the staff...
 live in the areas effected by 
the Frankenstorm

personally, we chose a path more to the west
to avoid west virginia and 2 feet of snow thru the mountains,

but it was still a tough drive.

my helper/friend suellyn 
saved the day with her awesome driving skills !!

but i had to do the last 2 hour leg all by myself
(and as those who know me, know..i do NOT do rain...or dark...and it was BOTH)

our PA turnpike was not allowing trucks, 
trailers, buses or anything other
than passenger vehicles heading east,
which made it a bit easier..

who am i kidding..
there was NOTHING easy 
about it...
it was awful !

speed limit was dropped to 45
which was totally necessary

this was my view

i actually have no circulation in my fingers...and
i will NEVER do it again..

should really have gotten a room, 
but i just so wanted to be home.

* * *

that all said...
there are many of our friends who are not yet home, 

please pray for them to be safe
and find their homes in one piece when they get there.

* * *

at the show, 
the weather was 80 and sunny

we had a blast, made lots of new friends,
sold just TONS of jewelry,
and all in all
just loved the show.

there is so much to show you..
i have about 700 pictures...

they will follow when i know 
everyone is home 

* * *



Kim said...

Oh I am so glad you checked in. I had been thinking about you. I am in SW West Virginia and I would have gladly put you up to wait out the storm. I also EXPECT to see all 700 of those pics!! Hehehe!

oldgreymare said...

happy to hear you are home and safe..the ONLY good thing about lala land. we don't do disasters..yet...

Piera said...

we are with you! Come on .. Love for italy

Jane said...

Happy to read you made it home safe and sound. I know it must have been a scary drive but I'm sure you were happy to be home.

Jill said...

Happy to hear you are safe and will pray for the others!

Chelsea Oliver said...

Glad to read that you'r safe! Cannot wait to see your photos!


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