08 October 2012

blog local

* * * have you heard of blog local?

me either...
but the prospect sounds interesting. 

 you can go there ... check the map ... and find other bloggers from your geographic area 

how cool is that??

the link is:

check it out
* * *


Lindsay - at - BlogLocal.net said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the post about BlogLocal! And thanks for submitting your blog too! I've been following you at the Pittsburgh craft markets.

We re still working out the kinks with the blog submission process for BlogLocal but want to get as many blogs from Pittsburgh and anywhere in the US added to the map. We appreciate any help in spreading the word about BlogLocal and we would love any feedback on how we can make this map more useful to bloggers and anyone looking for local content.


holli said...

I just joined it now. I was amazed on such a small amount of bloggers from Dallas that were listed. Texas is not a little state!! LOL

Katie Ann said...
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Katie Ann said...

I also just signed up for BlogLocal! I'm a Pittsburgh blogger and somewhat crafter--I sell mainly to friends and family, not too many craft shows. I've seen you at many I Made It! Market events! katieharb.blogspot.com

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