07 October 2012

bedford in the fall

* * *

took a day off this weekend...

yeah..i know..shocker...

and i went up to bedford pa

to check out the

fall foliage festival

mostly it's a huge craft show

i went with lucy of bel monili

she brought her awesome jewelry to share with all the fair-goers

  isnt it great when the falling leaves just color coordinate with your display?

it was a tad chilly for my taste

but the fall foliage did cooperate and make for a nice background

ran into my laura
selling her fabulous country candles

mostly totally country type crafts filled the streets

they did have some awesome apple cider being made on the spot with a cool antique
'apple cider making machine'
(that's the technical term)

 nice setting .. up in the mountains .. but too dreary to get any great mountain shots

i am not all that much into
'country crafts'
but it was a fun 'girls' weekend
with friends old and new !

above, this girl
paints on old wood...
and her business has a great name !

about the closest i got to an antique

although i will say the architecture in this town is amazing !

i'm going to head up there another day (with a little sun) and take house photos !

just look at those windows !!

this little yellow house is the one i would love to have....

 well..it just gave me taste of the foliage...and am now looking forward to my trip 
to atlanta (country living fair) in a few weeks where the leaves in those mountains
are the best i've ever seen !!

but first onto 
fort ligonier days
this upcoming weekend !!

running running running
as always



belmonili said...

beautiful! I was so glad you came!

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