23 October 2012

tweet tweet

 * * *


as if i dont have enough on my plate


i am trying to learn to twitter..

or should i say 'tweet' 
as i'm told i need to say
if i want to sound like i know what i'm talking about

 i have to say ..

it's a younger person's game

this social networking......

i am exhausted trying to learn it all

but i'm giving it me best shot

so if you 'tweet'....

and bear with my while i learn 
and try not to make fun of me....!


holli said...

I'm following you now on twitter. I'm just now getting back in the swing of things myself regarding twitter. I forget it about once i get on facebook to be honest.

belmonili said...

good post! Hope you pick up a lot of Tweeps!

Lori @ Bloom Into Being, LLC said...

I feel your pain, my friend! Talk about social media overload! It's quite the learning curve. Throw in time to build a business and create the crafts while still trying to be the mom and wife? How do these gals do it? Oh, I have a lot to learn. That's why I follow you! Keep at it. You do a bang up job!

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