18 November 2011

bakery square

we have new digs in town

this place comes with some interesting history

it used to be a nabisco plant

as i understand it
it was built in 1918
and apparently lasted until 1998
when it closed for good


the property changed hands a few times,

was found to have loads of environmental issues
underground dangerous chemicals
and a host of basically bad stuff,

but eventually ended up being redeveloped 
into what it is today

an awesome new hipster complex
which house the likes of google and anthropology 

it was built with a lot of 'green' ideology and 
 has been awarded a platinum rating for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification by the U.S. Green Building Council


actually kind of a big deal

 and basically cool to look at


gotta love a place with recycle trash cans everywhere

* * * *

anthro is way out of my price range
but i love their decorating style

all the expensive antiques inside 
and this is their doorstop !

right up my alley

new ~ old floors...wonder where they came from

 their displays are actually for sale
(well....if you're loaded)

 i have fallen in love with this sink...

it would be perfect for my 'farmette'

but alas..the $12,000 price tag was just a tad over my budget
(in fact...almost as much as i paid for the house !)

i got tossed out of anthro 

 it appears they do not like photos being taken of their 'style'
the not so kind manager claims

but still a cool place to visit
and their style is worth seeing
and great inspiration

the whole 'square' is rather interesting

they say they will create over 1,600 jobs
which is great !

very urban, very trendy

 and it's certainly not everywhere 
that you see a truck like this in the parking lot



well...theres a ulterior motive reason for this post
other than local history

we scored this great venue for the

i made it !
for the holidays
 dec 2 & 3rd !!

 juNxtaposition will be there !!

if you are local......hope you will be too !!

* * * 


Kim said...

How neat is that?!!!

Christine said...

Thanks for taking me inside of Anthro with your cool photos, I have actually never been inside of one....thanks for your visit to Sugar and Trash :)

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