21 November 2011

old grey mare

 did you ever 'meet' someone on line 
who is just your kind of person ?

you love their style, their ideas, 
just their 'way' of doing things ?

* * * 

do you wish you lived closer ?

 do you wish you could hang out together ?

* * * 

i am engrossed these days in all things techy
and am revamping my website 
and in small ways my blog

i have been wanting to get a 
'blog roll' 
(list of my favorite blogs)
added to my sidebar


the reason why i never get to it..

so i'm taking baby steps


to that end..

i am starting a new series
where i will showcase one blog at a time,
and then get them added to my blog roll

* * *

 first up

old * grey * mare

her name itself intrigued me..

and then i was hooked by her style

then as i spent hours reading her blog
i find that she is living the life i want
in so many ways

we also have a lot in common

and it turns out she was raised about a half hour from where i live

crazy huh?

but now she lives in
henderson nevada

far far away

my geography is not so hot, 
 so i actually had to see how far it was

note : A ~ me
B ~ her 

(yes..if you read my trip to atlanta,
i am a driving fiend..haha
but this is just a tad too far)

why? you ask..
because she is

having a

gathering class at her home

and.....giving one spot away !!!
whoo hoo !!

its a 

 she's offering
projects,  food,  gifts,

 and a house full of 

snow and glitter and holiday spirit

doesnt it sound like fun..

well if you are in the area
go for it ! 
(i sure wish i could)

* * *

and....even if you too 
live too far...

hop over to her blog 

grab a cup of tea
and prepare to spend hours
indulging in 
wonderful inspiration

* * *

ok..so now i have figure out 
how to do the
'blog roll'

wish me luck


oldgreymare said...

I am sitting here with tears, yes real tears, streaming down my face because I am just so touched and surprised and honored
by your post this morning.
I was lazy coming downstairs even though the pooches were whining for me, and I was lingering under the warm covers, no heat on yet, and thinking about actually leaving the house today.
So it is nearly 9 and I just began my ritual of checking and answering all emails first and then running down my blog roll, checking in with my friends, and
I am gobsmacked by the sweetest post and the kindest words, and so I sit teary eyed, and full of gratitude, fitting for this week; and I am grateful, so truly grateful that a few years back I summoned my courage and began this blog adventure of oldgreymare that rewards me daily with fabulous, strong, endearing women that now bless my life.

Thank you my friend


Razmataz said...

I actually met Suzan last year after reading her blog for a while. I had a trip to vegas and we ent out for lunch, shopping and to her house. She is as lovley in person as on the blog. I truly wish I lived closer to her.

erin said...

yes! i am a big fan of Z's too. good luck with your blog roll.

Bead and Needle said...

A more creative, GIVING soul (of her talents AND herself), you will probably never meet. Lovely post for a lovely woman. Good luck with the blog roll...it's an "ADD A GADGET" on your Dashboard/Design thingey! :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

Cozy Little House said...

Oh, I wish I was close enough to go!

Jill said...

I love Suzan's blog!
To add the blog roll:
Go to design...layout...add a gadget...blog list and just click "add". Copy and paste the url of the blog you want to add.

time worn interiors said...

Z is the best! We've been friends for a while now. I would love to go to one of her classes, but I'm in KY, just to far for me as well! Z sent me over to check out your blog, so glad she did!

Debbie said...

I'm also a big fan of Z's, everything she touches glitters!!
What a very talented Artist, you made a wise decision to showcase her and her many talents!!!

Loving the new blog look and loving the Showcase Idea.
A fan always,

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