06 November 2015

holiday gift guide for 2015

 have you started your holiday shopping yet ?
 it will be here before you know it !

so .. I thought this year, I'd give you a hand
together with a whole slew of other bloggers
we have compiled the best of the best
each with their own 'guide' to a myriad of items for everyone on your list
(and  a HUGE giveaway too ... so don't stray til you hit the bottom of this post !) 
naturally ... my guide is for jewelry ~ all available on our site  

first up ..
typewriter key jewelry 
type key jewelry
 we have bracelets, necklaces, cuff links and bangles
next up our new line of leather cuffs 
lots of colors and styles ... most with magnetic clasps !
jump on over and check them out ...


and we always have a slew of silver plate handle pendants !
we have so many styles ... look for your grandma's pattern 
or just one that appeals to you !
(and don't forget ~ they make great giftage !

and as a special addition ,
we add vintage medals to our handles
to create our spiritual pendants !


 if you check out the site, 
you will loads and loads of gift options ... 

and after you do that...............

check out the full 
brought to you by so many wonderful bloggers
& dont' forget on each of these pages, 
there is a giveaway at the bottom of each post...
(& mine at the bottom of this post)
for a total in prizes of OVER $5,000.00 !!

so get hopping !

and last but not least .... MY giveaway

enter below to win 
a typewriter key pendant AND bracelet !

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