05 May 2010

we did it again

i am a born and bred (pitts)'burgh girl.

although i have considered moving south for warmer weather
(and the beach),
 in all my travels
i have not found anywhere
i'd rather live 

proud to say........

Forbes Magazine has named Pittsburgh its "Most Livable City" in its annual report that looks at unemployment, crime, income growth, arts and leisure, and cost of living.

"Pittsburgh's art scene, job prospects, safety and affordability make it the most livable city in the country, according to measures studied," the article states. "The city has rebounded from its manufacturing past. Disused steel mills have been repurposed into multimedia art centers, and amid a struggling national economy, Google Pittsburgh, a test site for the company's new high-speed broadband network, has expanded its offices to accommodate more hires. Pittsburgh's strong university presence--the city has over a dozen colleges or campuses--helps bolster its livability."  -pittsburgh city paper

read the entire forbes article here

so anyone looking to move.......
give us a consider......
we'd love to have you


angela walker jewelry said...

What a great city we live in! Hope you are doing well..
Health and happiness,
PS-I had trouble with my emails.. I finally am playing catch up and will be emailing you soon!

Prior said...

Well, if you can't live in East Texas, you gotta' live somewhere! lol, It is a blessing you love and find contentment where ever you are! Lezlee

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