04 June 2010

flea market heaven weekend

memorial weekend
is always a flea market weekend for us

we started by heading to ohio on friday

ohio is so very different than PA

my friend Roy calls it 'flatland'

and it is...compared to the rolling hills of pittsburgh,

or the mountains when we travel east

the sky was blue and no clouds in sight

perfect flea market weather

we started out very early as it was

supposed to reach high 80s and we needed


beat the heat !

we saw this at rogers flea
the guy didnt know what it was...interesting though

the 'nymph'...hmmmm
looking inside made us wonder if this is an x rated item........
strange strange.......
but my fav color !

loved this pink bow attached to the old lawn mower
you know i love a good juxtaposition
of old and new...shabby and rustic.....


traveling on we came across this house....

i think it makes my new abode look pretty good............

relatively speaking..

how's that for some chippy paint ?!

as we travel on....we look for road signs
for yard/garage/estate/barn/whatever

some are good...some not so much............

i do love the scenery on this drive

a city girl like me...just loves the farmland

and you sure dont see these driving down the road at home !

stopped in the cutest little prim shop
this was her back door.......or maybe front door??
too cute though !

this was her window !

we love to drive thru little towns

this one was just full of gorgeous houses

some renovated....some just waiting for someone to love them.


we stayed in alliane ohio for the night.

i laid out at the hotel pool for a bit then

had dinner at one of our favorite steak houses....brandon iron !!

happy hour... 30 cent wings.......filets.....cant beat that !

after that went to get my

'sex and the city'


(although....i was disappointed in this one....oh well)

then breakfast at the hotel in the morning and

off to

hartville !

we get there EARLY to beat the rush and the heat..

so glad we did.......this is on our way out.........

cant imagine waiting in an hour long line.....just to get in !

too awesome dentist chair

jerry would have bought it if there was room in the truck.

(but NOT)

random pic of mailbox row
just caught my eye.....

back home saturday nite.......

then up at the crack of dawn to hit the

washington antique fair

and then on to trader jack's !!

i wanted this set for my new house,

but alas,

i made a deal with myself

to get my roof done before i spend any other money

lastly breakfast in the strip at delucas

and on to the new pittsburgh flea.......


long wonderful weekend....

4 fleas and an antique show....

and a truck load of goodies


i am a big believer that heaven will be different for each person...

my heaven would be this weekend

(alternating with a day at the beach)



emugal17 said...

I recognized Hartville but where were the other locations? I would love to check them out!

jeanne @ juNxtaposition said...

oops, should have linked them.......i went back and did it now.......we're talking ohio and pa

Jill said...

That had to have been a fantastic weekend! Great discipline by the way to put the roof first. Must have been hard, but there will always be more fleas and other great stuff.

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