29 October 2010

country living fair south

well........i have been home for a few days now, and am still trying to recoup. i brought home a nasty cold and combined with the stupid cast/boot and crutches....well...lets just say...it sucks !!

anyway.......i wanted to get up my pics from the fair...so here goes.

the trip down was wonderful...we traveled through pennsylvania, west va, virginia, tennessee, north and south carolina and georgia...the leaves were changing just about all the way there, and i saw mountains unlike what we have here in pa....i was beside myself trying to get pictures...i just love nature !!

(click on any for larger view)

then..on to the fair...

stone mountain was very different than the ohio venue.

this fair was all through the woods..it had a totally different feel than columbus.  the vendors were happy, because we had way more room to display than in ohio where it is mainly tent pole to tent pole....here the booths were far apart and you could spread out pretty much as far as you wanted.

for me it didnt make all that much difference..but for some this was a great asset !!

i took way too many pictures.....anyway......click on any of them for larger view

findings at summerhouse...always a favorite

cool buntings by modern june

all in all...it was a great show...
stella shows knows what they are doing..
and they make it so easy for us vendors !

most i talked to
said they would for sure be back
if they do it next year

as for customers..
all i talked to
said they would love them
to do it again next year.....

well...i'll be there...for sure !
i met some great people...some artists i had never known before...
some great customers....and the area was totally new to me...

southerners are extremely polite...

a few last pics i'm calling

"a view from my booth"
things i liked...from my view

cute baby sachell

met nancy of sassy trash and her grandaughter

cute outfit

cool apron

loved the hat !

this girl was a perfect example of country living

great necklace

oh...and again..just like the columbus show
nature accomodated us with a full moon...
just for an added touch !

well that's it for this year.......my favorite shows....
nothing else..showise...compares to the country living events !!

if you didnt make it this year, you really should try for next year...it makes for a great 'girlfirend's weekend'

and even if you have been to one,
they are so very different..
you should try the other !

modern june oilcoth

the combination of too many pictures....
mixture of pain meds...
and cold meds.....
way too tired...
contributed to this rather nuts post...
the spacing was making me crazy..
so mostly you just got pictures...
which is the best anyway !



Kim said...

I am so sorry to hear you came home sick and hope your foot is getting better. I am glad you had a good show and I am so thankful to you for posting pictures. I have to say I reconized those West Virginia Mountains. I live in WV. I wish I had known how you would have been traveling and I would have put on the coffee pot. I am sure you came within about 10 miles of me. Thanks again!!

Kelley said...

Looooveeed the many pix! I felt like I was right there with you. What a dream show :) Take care now and rest that foot and get better! (I've loved your stuff since a stop at your booth on Garrison Day)

The Whistle Stop said...

Hope you are doing better! Thanks for all the pic's. Just love seeing it all! Take care, get some rest!

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!! Looks absolutely amazing. Wish I could squeeze it into my schedule for next year....

Get Well Soon, get much needed rest!!!

sassytrash said...

It was so nice to meet you!! I enjoyed your pics, and really hope you are feeling better, and that your foot is healing fast!(I am on my SECOND cold in two months) I hope to be a seller at the show next year if it comes back, and so glad to hear you will be returning!

Kerri said...

ok, well that is more pics than i think i've ever seen on one blog post- but how cool! it must have taken you a while to load all those on the page but i'm glad you did. it was so fun to look thru.
i LOVED the picture of ALL those pumpkins and gourds piled so high especially!

Whimsey Creations said...

Thanks so much for posting the pics! I went but between my cart and keeping up with my guests, I really didn't get to look much. Next time I'm going by myself! LOL It was a great show - liked it even better than the Yellow Daisy Festival that they have every year.

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