22 September 2011

country living fair ~ columbus 2011 - vendor view

well...i'm back...........

i think i am finally recovered
from the
country living fair


and what a trip it was

there is nothing at all that i have ever
been to, that can even compare

i thought i would show you two points of view...
one as a vendor..
and one (somewhat) as a customer

as you can imagine..the show looks
 entirely different
from a vendor's point of view

if i do say so myself,
i was very pleased with how my booth turned out this year..

i went for a larger space and an outside corner...
i wanted to have nice wide aisles for my customers

(just wanted to show you these, i made up special for the show...very time consuming ! but i loved them !!)

old medals, buttons, pearls, charms...

took 6, sold them all !...yeah !

this is (part of) the early bird line.

these girls come with full pocketbooks
and arent afraid to spend

they are on the lookout for the one of a kind items
that sell out by noon on friday !

an hour and a half later.....these are the general lines

 they let them in from 3 different directions

look close in the background....
this line is humongous !!

they let up a whoop that you can hear all through the show,
when they let them in !

the booths fill up fast !

the crowds are insane !!!
(in a good way)

you certainly wont hear me complain !!

also, country living invites some great people to vend, talk, display, demonstrate...

i usually dont get away from my booth for long enough to actually see anything,
but i love the show Cash and Cari...

so i HAD to go meet her !!

she was wonderful...

so kind...

here's me talking her ear off !!

and then making her pose with me and
suellyn (my right arm at this show)


i have to give a shout out to
stella shows

they are the BEST show organizers i have ever
had the pleasure to deal with !!


to country living magazine staff
for they certainly know what they are doing !


to my friend suellyn
without whom i could never have made it through !


and also to the strudel guys
who made sure we didnt go hungry !


the only downfall is the exhaustion
that comes from all the prep...
then the emotional rollercoaster...

do i have enough?
will my display work?
will they like my stuff?
do i have enough?
will the weather be nice?
will my new helper work out?
do i have enough?

then arriving and having everything turn out perfection !

meeting old friends, making new friends,
visual stimulation at every turn !

more eye candy than you can imagaine
(my next post)

and fiding out you brought enough..

and then realizing you sold everything...
and country living atlanta is less than a month away....

i better get hoppin !!!

well...that's a vendor view...

a look from the other side tomorrow


amyd said...

it all looks so wonderful! I will be at the Atlanta show...I will definitely look for you - I love those medal necklaces!
amy of four corners design

kimmykats said...

Jeanne, so glad you had a great show. The booth looks wonderful and wondefully empty at the end!! Get busy gal......

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