30 October 2011

did i mention fog??

this is my final post
relating to my trip to atlanta
(arent you glad)

the trip home was much much nicer than the trip there...

or so i thought on the first day...

(yes i was still taking more than one day to drive home..
i was brave, but still a rookie after all)

only in Georgia could you see a giant peach along the highway

blue skies and absolutly gorgeous views...smooth sailing !

fall foliage at it's best

i got a bit of courage..and when i hit my planned stopping point..
i kept going...

ha..should have left well enough alone..it started to pour...
but only about 15 minutes and i stopped and got a hotel

i'm not a glutton for punishment after all

well..one day down..
but this is what i woke up to

not so bad right???

i thought it would burn off,
but fooled me and actually got worse.......

did i mention..i'm not fond of heights either...

what's that i see??? sun???

but not really....fog still up ahead....drat

pretty wild isnt it??
and remember..this is through the mountains..
crazy winding roads

ok....relaxing now...starting to ease up

west virginia...getting closer to home

every time it thought it was done..
it would come again...........

blue skies !!!

and a huge sigh of relief..
i made it !!!


the trip is over..
and although i didnt want to do it..i did..

a big thank you

to everyone who gave me support and told me i could do it..

to nancy for finding me booth help in atlanta

to dee for being my booth help in atlanta
couldnt have done it without you !

and to everyone at country living magazine
and the hard working folks at
stella shows
for another wonderful event !

and thanks to all of you who will continue
to read this blog even after all this venting on my part !

thank you from the bottom of my heart !


i have to leave this whole exhausting trip with this note:

i really really did not think i could do this. i really really did not think i was capable of it.  but i did it..and i am so very glad for the situation which arose that caused me to have to give this a shot, for otherwise, i would NEVER have attempted it. sometimes things happen..even things we think are bad...they happen for a reason we do not understand...but there is a reason..trust me !

i feel so proud of myself, i know it may seem funny to all you drivers out there, but this really was a feat for me.  i dont
didnt drive...i dont didnt travel alone.

i feel so empowered by this..really.
if you ever think you cant do something..try it..you may surprise yourself.
in fact i highly recommend it..
you cannot imagine the feeling it leaves you with..

i am woman, hear me roar...

i am strong, i am invincible !

i can do anything !!!

(i know, i know...what a dork !)


just a few days ago..
i was sitting in georgia
where it was sunny and 75 degrees

hmmm..here's my house today.......blah


The Whistle Stop said...

Good for you! I would of been white knuckling it in the fog too!
Take care & enjoy you new found strength!
Laurie :)

kim said...

So proud of you to set forth and conquer!! Someday I would love to attend one of these shows. The pictures have been wonderful and I have so enjoyed the beautiful scenery and wonderful creations that were for sale. Excellent job!!!!!

Jill said...

I am seriously happy for you. A block broken down is certainly a blessing!

Whimsey Creations said...

Wow girl - I'm not sure I would have liked driving all that way by myself! Just going from Atlanta up to NC for a 3 hr drive is enough for me LOL I'm so glad you took the chance and did it. If you do it next year and need any help (or a place to stay) let me know - I'm about 40 minutes away from Stone Mountain just south of the airport.

hopeandjoyhome said...

Were you driving and photo taking missy?? Tsk Tsk! LOL The fog can be quite thick down here some mornings..especially in low areas or over rivers. Very ethereal but it can be dangerous to drive in! Glas you had a good show and made it home safely! Julia

hopeandjoyhome said...

GLAD not glas arghhh typos!!!

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