06 December 2011


ok..last show for the year done.........whew !


tell me...how do you do it all....
eat right
have a banana every day, eat more veggies, yogurt daily..on and on...
well..sorry, but that rarely actually happens...

worry about..have time for family
aging parents, son recovering from accident, granddaughter away at college...

run 2 businesses
bookkeeping ~ getting clients ready for year end..
juNxtaposition ~ keep website up to date ~ sorting, packing, shipping, making !~ ordering supplies, planning shows for next year....on and on

get enough sleep..

see friends
keeping up with old friends...spending  time with new friends

writing and reading.....oh i could spend days reading !
and lets not even talk pinterest

hahahahahahah ~ last on the list



answer emails

answer phone messages

do custom orders

and plan Christmas dinner for 25 !

oh ... and all the while..trying to renovate the farmette....

and i've probably missed a LOT of other things...

i love my life...really i do...but..
call me overwhelmed at the moment....

just sayin'


Kim said...

I think we are all in the same boat. I take small moments of time, 15 minutes 4 times a day for me. Morning = I spend time in the word and in prayer. Around 12 noon = I do stretches and breathing, even if it is sitting in a chair. Around 5pm = I take 15 minutes to send a few emails. Bedtime = I sit quitely in my rocking chair with soft music playing and my eyes shut. It helps!

Kim said...

Always keep in my mind that as of December 24 the big rush is over! Keep going dear lady! You are not alone.

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