05 January 2012

p words

yeah...hmmm.....that's me...sometimes

not always, but .....sometimes

* * * 
sometimes i just want to 

sometimes...i just want things to be

i'm trying to be 

so the deal is...

i'm still trying to get to my 
blog roll

really i am...
so now i am putting myself under

and i'm going to 

so please have

i'll get there

* * * 
my friend lucy
over at


has started the year off by posting
31 days, 31 friends 

busy as this girl is..
making just wonderful jewelry

she is finding time to post every day in january !!!

and me....i cant seem to ever get to it !!!
* * * 

so.......she is my new inspiration
so i'm upping my game and ...

day i'm going to add a couple more blogs to
my blog roll.....

no particular order
just random from my list.

so here goes:

todays additions:



you can check them all out 
by clicking the links over there

down the right side

* * *


well that's all for today..........
gees..i'm beat

lucy..girl...how the heck do you do it????

* * * 

i will no longer have a

haha haha haha haha


oldgreymare said...

I know of all these gals but have a special fondness for Laura and Jill ... proud to call them my pals.... great selections and adorable post :D

The Whistle Stop said...

Your posts are always so creative! Love it!

Jill said...

I'm honored to be on your blog roll! Fun post too!

Sharon Ciraulo Wolf said...

Great, Jeanne - this blog gave me great Pleasure!!

Kim said...

I love it when your creativity even comes thru in your posts.

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