06 February 2012

one day every other week
i work downtown

i am blown away by the
architecture in our fair city
so i am going to feature a different building 
every now and then
and share with you
the way they 
to build !
 i am going to start in the building where i work
the ARROTT building 

it was one pittsburgh's first skyscrapers
 built in 1901 

look how awesome this entrance is !

all that shiny brass
marble floor
inside and out !!

brass light fixtures
brass railings !

marble floors, walls, ceilings...
inlaid trim
fancy scrolls !!

original brass doors to the elevators !

all the little touches..doorknob plates, heat grates...all brass !!

(some of them got painted over..
bummer when people think they
are updating !)

just cool touches EVERYWHERE !

brass bars on the windows !!
can you imagine the expense !

and i WANT this water fountain !!
no..really i do...

and how cool is this mail chute !
they have one on every floor, goes all the way to the lobby

ok..working my way back down....

and back at the lobby


layers and layers of ceiling moldings !

all the lobby features are original
as you can imagine..

they could never afford to included these now
in an office building !

 here's where that chute ends up..
i cant believe the detail
all in brass !!

it towers 256 feet high

it's unique architecture is unmatched by today's buildings
as the ornate terra cotta facade 
features pillars, arches, lions' heads, 
coats of arms and theatrical masks

( sadly...too high up to photograph )

and the one sad part..
it now houses a SUBWAY
and a nail salon...
kinda ruins the ambiance

one down..more to come

pittsburgh is just full of awesome old buildings
i will share some more of them along the way..

hope you enjoyed this one !


oldgreymare said...

So often my Dad would take me to Pittsburgh to clients offices on the weekends and I would get to roam these great buildings. It is a great city. ;D

Jill said...

We just went to our states capitol, not as neat as this but the feel inside an old building is so incredible. This one is just gorgeous.

Sharon said...

The Arrott Building is beautiful - as you know I used to work there. It's funny when you're there every day you stop looking at all the gorgeous architecture of the place - thanks for reminding me!

Marcy Bates said...

I used to work in this building as well. Also in the Benedum Trees Building a block away on Fourth. Very different from USX and PPG; buildings I have also worked in!

Handgathered said...

Very beautiful, Jeanne. Your photography is great. Love the old vintage details. Wow, you are right, they don't build like that anymore. Talk about juxtaposition, that Subway ruins it. Oh well, thanks for showing the beauty in the details.

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