24 February 2012

still alive....just buried

*  *

just popping in to say
i am still alive

just buried

i'm a tax preparer..
so i 'm buried in paper work

i'm in the middle of trying to move...
so i'm totally buried in boxes

and it's getting closer and closer to my exciting 
to austin... 

so i'm totally buried in jewelry
and booth design plans

* * * * 

just didnt want you to think i've forgotten you..
if i havent answered your email....i will
if i havent called you ...i will
really...i will

i havent forgotten you...i'm just buried...i'll be out from under soon...

i hope


oldgreymare said...


Jane said...

What a busy time for you!! Don't wear yourself out!

The Spencer's said...

I just happened upon your blog, I am doing an English assignment and I was wondering if I could use your buried alive picture, Its classic. I just moved and I felt the same way!

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