02 November 2012

2012 country living south part une

* * *

you know that showing/vending at the 
country living fairs
is an exhausting ordeal..

i look forward to it all year..
and when it is over,
a sigh a heavy 

(and start thinking about next year !)

that said, i think i may have recovered from the show
enough to start showing pictures..

 country living is always the BEST...

they never, ever disappoint.



i pretty much love everything i see there,
so as is my usual
i am just going to post pictures
which will speak for themselves. 

i am going to (again..as usual...)
do this over a few posts

(remember, most of pics are while people are setting up..
the only time i get away from my booth !)

there is just so very much to see..it does take more than one day !

i am constantly amazed by the displays
and the creativitiy !

i am a sponsor over at 

and i actually finally met heather !

who is even more delightful in person !
seeing as you may never find 
so much inspiration in one place 
as you do at any of the 
country living fairs !!

i am linking this post to 

dont forget there is much much more to show you..
so please stop back in the next few days to see the rest !


Anonymous said...

I loved the show. Glad you could make it to the south.

Whimsey Creations said...

OMG how did I miss seeing so many things??? And I thought I went really slowly so I could see everything LOLOLOL It was so nice to finally meet you. Hugs and glad you had a safe trip back.

At The Picket Fence said...

Loved getting to spend so much time together Jeanne! It truly made my day. Going to share this at this week's Inspiration Friday! :)


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