04 February 2013

going out to play

* * *

brr...it's chilly here in the 'burg...

so when the flea market looks like this:

what's a girl to do ???

but find an antique shop to browse !!

last weekend, 
after seeing a typewriter for sale on facebook
i headed out to a 'new to me' shop in our area

huge OLD shop
with an old country store feel

it was freezing outside
(seriously cold...single digits)

but there was enough in here 
to visit for a couple hours !

check out this adorable PINK cupboard

well...i like anything in pink !~
and crackling paint..a double WIN

and look at those drawers.... 

and more drawers

you know .. we always have a thing for drawers !

(and did you see that light green dial phone on top...awesome !)

this old bed totally rocked !

just imagine who all has slept in that bed ???
hmmmm could be interesting ~ huh ?

books galore !
now that's a LOT of reading !!

and the cutest little 
(you know how i feel..anything pink ~ and a gathered ruffle to boot !)

and last, but not at all least..

cast your eyes on this massive storage piece !
can you even imagine having this much storage ???

it was hard to get a good picture since it FILLED the room !

oh what i could do with this !! 
haha....like i could EVER get it home !!

each drawer had the old labels attached..
i love the type and the old hardware !!

moral of the story..
when it's chilly outside...

you can still go out and play !!!

_ _ _

today you can head on over to

and check out her typewriter post
where she's also offering a giveaway
on one of my necklaces !!

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Burlap Luxe said...

hi Jeanne,
So wish I were shopping in the cold, looks like you had fun, and I agree with you on the beauty of that iron bed, coming from someone who has a thing for iron :)

Thank you again for the JDA delivery to The Desert of Southern California, I have been sending my friends your way.


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