10 February 2013

the girl's been sprung

* * *


i had to use my

 - - -

 if you dont follow me on the
book of face
(aka facebook)

you wouldnt know,
but i have been in facebook jail

facebook jail

didnt know there even 
a jail in facebook ??

neither did i ..
heavy sigh

i found out the hard way
 facebook suspended

so...'spam and irrelevant content'
nice..huh ???  what ???


i went back through all my postings ???

got everyone on the research...

and have come to the conclusion

that i just 
  too much !!

go figure

nah..what we really think happened was that when
i was 'liking' pages, 
i would comment with the same line 

(hello...newest like here, liking you personal so it counts.... @juNxtaposition)

letting them know that it was me .
but that i was liking them as me - jeanne...
(you know....so it counts)....



- - -

it's over...

15 days...
(it was fun - not - counting them down though) 

vintage numbers

tickled pink

to be able to say

this girl has been sprung !!

 yeehaw !!


belmonili said...

So happy to have my bestie back in the land of the commenters! Yipee yahoo!

Anne said...

lol! Holy crap FB is becoming more stupid every day. Glad you're back in the land of the living :)

Brenda said...

Welcome back!

Evey's Creations said...

I would be so angry! Glad you are free! lol

Lori @Vintage Charm Restored said...

Wow, I knew there were lots of reasons you get suspended... but had no idea that making it count was one them.. that's exactly how I like new pages too!! Ridiculous!!

Angela said...

WOW! They are picky aren't they!! It's getting a little ridiculous, but glad you figured out what was wrong!

Tammy Killough said...

Facebook has gotten so ridiculous with pages....They may be free...but they are trying to make our lives miserable and difficult in the process. Glad you are finally out of FB jail! ~Tammy

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

I follow on facebook and now on your blog!!!Facebook drives me crazy. I got a ton of like and then one here and there, Its like a rollercoaster.

Patty Allen said...

Wow...Really??? I do that all the time I think. Well I guess not anymore so what can we do? What is the appropriate way to "like" a page? Glad you have been sprung : )

Kelli said...

How rude! We should have baked you a cake...with a hacksaw in it! ;) k.

Amy Ellis said...

I came over from Blogtalk to read about your fb jail experience... glad you're sprung!! The powers of facebook...?

Carla coffee said...

I have been warned but never jailed...so when I like and comment I try to write something different and NEVER in all capital letters...Glad you are sprung...

Jennie said...

they are being totally anal lately over the things THEY PROMPT US TO DO....crazy >:(

Jennie said...

they are being totally anal lately over the things THEY PROMPT US TO DO....crazy >:(

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