14 May 2013

where ya been ?

 * * *

 yep .... it's me...
i know you thought i had disappeared 
..... but here i am

 busy doing taxes 
(remember my other gig is that of accountant)
making jewelry 
and getting the farmette in order..
(well..not so much..but still trying)

well, show season is upon us...
and this past weekend i set up at the
Phipp's Conservatory May Market

plants plant plants..
oh yeah....and plants !

the conservatory is such an awesome structure,
i promised myself to head back there for a photo session
sometime soon..
it's been years since i've been there...
(so look for a post on that to come...)

there were so many plant for sale it was insane...
if it hadnt rained most of the weekend...
it would have been a great show..
regardless ...we had fun and i got some great pics !

next year for sure i will be purchasing for my garden there,
if you're local.... put it on your calendar !

* * *

this weekend starts the show run of 
bel monili 
& juNxtaposition

my bestie Lucy from bel monili
(who has an etsy shop here)
and I will be traveling all over the place
meeting new (and old) friends
and selling our bling


next stop 

 and then off to


sneak peek on pinterst here

and for a real peek, dont forget to click on the link at the top of this page..
i take a crazy amount of pictures at the Country Living Fairs ! 

hope to see you at one of these
or check out our show list here

and dont forget to follow juNxtaposition on facebook !

drop me a line in the comments below..
let me know you're still out there ...


Kim said...

It is good to see you back! That looked like a beautiful place to see. Are you not doing Country living in NY?

Kim said...

Thanks for telling me. Did I fix it?

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