03 November 2013

catching up

it appears that i am
well... lets just say WAY behind in my blogging

it seems to me that easiest way to deal with it is
to just post some slide shows 
and go from there..

we have made many a roadtrip in the past few months ..

i'll start with the 
Bella Rustica show in

i shared a spot with 
bel monili
(as usual) 
and it was a gorgeous venue
even with the 90 degree weather

we did a lot of junking on this trip too

and we did see the biggest ever junk shop

seriously ... i have never seen so much square footage of junk in one place !

next up was the country living fair in columbus ...

as always country living fairs deserve their own post ..
so coming soon ...


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've enjoyed looking at the photos you've taken at the festivals! How amazing! I would LOVE to see you at the ones I go to! I live in Florida....and part of the year in Asheville, NC. Love your beautiful things! Hugs!

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