13 October 2009

fort ligonier days

as sick as i have been, this past weekend was fort ligonier days which includes a craft show, wonderful parade and war re-enactments to name a few.....great weekend in the mountains !!

fabulously huge crowds as always

the weather was lousy friday and saturday though..it rained and rained and rained...i actually wore my jammies under my skirt !! shhh dont tell......but it's all i had with me that was warm !!

sometimes you need to explain or they dont get it

painted up some white pumpkins

new 'hang tag' display box

we stayed in donegal since ligonier only has one hotel which fills up a year ahead of time, so our drive between the towns was wonderful each morning !! it was amazing to actually see the leaves change over the weekend, and country side is beautiful !

too weird cows..they looked like giant pigs...(oh i'm such a city girl !)

on the way sunday morning, came across this fab barn sale...

of course we had to stop

loved these chairs, but sadly no room in the truck...

i did however, pick up the ottoman !

in the midst of all this mess, sat the cutest little girl working on her laptop !!

the juxtaposition of the laptop and the barn was too much for me !

back at the show we also had some great neighbors ~
deb and fred from 'stenciled slates' out of latrobe

all in all it was a great show, despite the pouring rain friday and saturday !! sunday the sun and the people came out!! ligonier is always a great time....see you next year !


Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Since I live in this area, I guess I take some of these sites for granted...loved your pictures!

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