16 October 2009

get your religion where you can

i am not the most religoius person.
but, as a friend somewhat said recently;
"you can take the girl out of the church,
but not the church out of the girl."

i was raised catholic ~ grade school, even high school,
and although all that religion
~ what made sense and what didn’t to my young mind ~
gave me a nice base,
i have to say i probably got most of my spirituality
much later from the 'oprah' years that included
'seat of the soul'
and 'simple abundance'

gratitude and joy were not learned until adulthood….

perhaps they should have been taught to us in gradeschool……
hmmm…..just my observation.

regardless, there is a church i pass a couple times a week on my travels.
i don’t know who chooses it’s message, but whoever it is, they have a great sensibility and sometimes humor. for whatever reason, it often touches me. this week was one of those times…
perhaps you too are in need …so i thought i would share this one with you.


Rip said...

I like the sign a lot!

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