06 November 2009

losing it...again

one thing you may not know about me is that

i tend to lose things...

lots of things...

all the time......

it is why i dont wear 'good jewelry'...(i'll tell you story about the diamond i accidently threw away another day)...it's why i wear the same ear rings all the time...never take them out....it's why i have a cheap cell phone......it's why i dont ever carry cash...it's why my purses all have a long strap to wrap around me....should i go on????
but today, i lost something i NEED....my glasses !

while on our lovely roadtrip, it was very sunny and i was wearing my script sunglasses....well...somewhere in our travels...

i lost my glasses !

now, i am a person who puts their glasses on
to go the bathroom at night....

meaning i CAN NOT SEE at all without them.

as i am in need of new ones anyway,

this would not be such a dilema...

i would embarrasingly get by with my shades
until i can get glasses made,

however, not so much...
tomorrow is a big family wedding.

it is in the big cathedral...fancy schmancy...

and i have no glassed to wear but my sunglasses.....

what do you think????
wear the shades...

(cool as they are !! hot pink..oh yeah !!)

wear nothing and squint..

(really NOT an option without a cane and a seeing eye dog along)

or run out tomorrow and buy contacts

which i have not worn in years

so i know i will look like this

argh !!!!!!! and double argh !!!!!

i knew i should have gone for that lazer surgery !

follow up...i opted for contacts.............with granny reading glasses !!

and wow do i have a headache today !!!!


brownbat said...

Jeanne, I ___totally____ did not recognize you in those photos! Bangs have changed your look!!!

I lose things too. Anybody need single earrings? I've got a collection. Cheap jewelry. Cheap cell phone. Brightly colored purse contents and long strapped purse. Yup. I'm with ya on this. I won't even buy prescription sunglasses because I know I'll lose them, just like I've lost all the clip-on shades. (Any secrets for not losing keys?)

brownbat said...

J--I TOTALLY did not recognize you in those pics. What a difference zebangs make!

If it makes you feel any better, I lose things too.

Anyone need any single earrings? I have plenty of soloists left over from former duos. Good reason not to buy expensive jewelry!

Ditto for sunglasses, I've lost so many clip-ons that I refuse to invest in prescription shades.

From now on, all purse contents (wallets, checkbooks, key cases, glasses cases, etc) are going to be BRIGHTLY colored. And,like yours, all handbags must have long straps so they stay attached to me.

ps: Am glad you didn't wear the shades to the ladeda wedding.

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