06 November 2009


today we took a day roadtrip up north to smicksburg, pa

this is totally amish country

first this we saw were my favorites !! SHEEP....i LOVE 'em.......

i learned a really funny thing about sheep....when you go up to them, they run away, BUT...then they turn and STARE at you....if you really LOOK in these pictures, you will see them all staring at me....very very strange

look at these ones, even the ones in the back, just cant help staring...too weird !

we stopped in all the gift stores of course....
but same old, same old,
(we do go to ALOT of gift shops in our travels)
but i did photograph a few things i liked

cool bird villla

strange chair

this chicken hated me.........

he turned and looked at me
and then went bizerk !!!
beautiful day and nice scenery

EVERY where
there were as many horses...
(some with buggies, some without )
parked as cars
and you could see signs like this

certainly never see that in the 'burg !!
i loved this house....i dont know what was more amusing,
the laundry on the front porch or the 'fridge there too.....
go figure???

more laundry..kinda liked this view

more gift shop stuff
junk shops too
never heard of this pop ??

this was some old 'mansion'

i just loved the juxtaposition of the old
'castle' type architecture along with
the TV antenna
(gees..it's 2009, get a dish already !)

this sign was in one of the shops...
i LOVED it..
might make one for my booth
"all unattended children will be given an expresso and a puppy"

liked this too !!
if you look close you can see the moon in this picture,
it was full most of this week and oh so awesome !
this was an amazing house built in the middle of really NOWHERE !

more gift shop stuff
new, made to look old,
cool, but i still prefer
actual old

i'm making a sign like this for my booth too
wish we had seen more of the
"made in the USA'
type stuff
on the way home, we passed this lovely old school

it was called
built in 1905
i keep wondering if it was a school for 'normal' people,
or a school to learn how to BE normal???
all in all, a beautiful day weather-wise, gorgeous PA country side, nice amish ambiance
one strange thing though...the laws must be different there, nowhere had inside bathrooms...all the stores has outside port a johns or outhouses....??
what's up with that??!!!


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