27 November 2009

set another seat at the table

our thanksgiving table gets larger every year !
we are so very blessed to be surrounded by family.
i have my mom and dad,

3 sisters and 1 brother,
which gives me
3 brothers-in-law, 1 sister in law,
5 nieces, 4 nephews,
3 sons, 1 daughter-in-law
and 2 granddaughters
(so far !)

and oodles and oodles of significant others.

click for a better view

(other than one sister in georgia, carol- move home !)
we are all local and get together quite frequently.
the family just keeps getting bigger and bigger!
we get together every year with my mom's entire family
which is more fun that you can imagine.
we have four generations
here is my mother and my granddaughter, star,
which makes them both great,
get it...great grandma...great granddaughter

and my other granddaughter with my dad (great grandpap)
they are the oldest and the youngest in our immediate family

how lucky am I ??!!

we really are truly blessed.

so in this year,

where i have lost

my best friend,

a neighbor i grew up with,

my step grandson (dear joey)


I have watched way too many of my friends lose their parents,

i am reminded to cherish those i love

and in this busy time in my life,

make the time to spend with them.

so today, while our family is privileged to keep adding an extra seat at the table,

(that's you this year, bryan !)

and i am struggling to understand and appreciate the circle of life,

please, give the ones you love an extra hug for me.


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