09 January 2010

this would be snow...........

as you already know,
i am not a fan of
seems it is not going to

so i suppose
if you can't beat 'em
join 'em
this is my backyard.......
actually very
view from my kitchen
first thing this morning..
just a tad
back side of my house.
n i c e

local playground
i just love
the look of summer things
covered in snow


jord's jeep
this one
hasnt moved since it started snowing
cabin at boyce park

lonely lonely soccer field

dont think there
are any birds
bathing in this one

volleyball anyone ???

the kids took a ride up to the local mountain resort
seven springs....
they got a bit more snow than we did
i do have to say
this actually is beautiful
like a winter wonderland!!

oh well
like i always say
it is
what it is
and so.......if you dont know first hand
this would be


Prior said...

It is majestic, but I'm a summer girl, love your galvanized water jugs. Lezlee,

Marge said...

Your snow pics are gorgeous!!!

Chic Cottage Junk said...

I was ready for spring earlier, but now I like the snow again. Great photography!


Jill said...

Those are beautiful photos--just beautiful. We've had lots of snow, but I've been cooped up with the kids instead of out taking any pictures.

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