20 June 2010

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

left the house around 7 a.m.
(after being out til midnight with my 'old school 'peeps)

the sun was trying...but..

just a tad foggy

but i got to wear my new boots !!

headed up to bull creek for their monthly fleatique

goodies abound !!

i really wanted this...i collect sheepy stuff..
but not buying now...........argh...very hard....
but have to save the money for the house renovations

the sun finally came out around 9
then of course
it got hot !! fast !~

brand new (old) picnic set

left there and headed over to rossi's flea market
packed today !!
beautiful sky and a nice breeze
not much old stuff...lots of  'yard sale junk'
but still fun to look....hunt...

on to the strip and delucas for breakfast

then over to the new pittsburgh flea..

(it was lousy today..
dont know if it's gonna catch on or not??)

then went to see my dad natch....being father's day and all


here's some of my 'treasures'

do you know what these are???

folding hangers..
i think they're funny??
whenever would you use these?

when i do shows with my typewriter key jewelry
people are always wanting to buy an old typewriter
so i've been picking up these 50's ones

this one was $1
cant beat that !


i bought a HUGE box of vintage slips for $5
another awesome deal
~24 half slips and 5 full slips~
most are brand new (old ~ new)
one had this tag on it..
never heard of this store...

i love hitting the fleas without having to travel
so all in all...
to quote mr rogers...
a pittsburgh guy....
it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood !



Jill said...

It does sound like a beautiful day! Will you repurpose those slips? Curtain sheers for the new house?!

jeanne @ juNxtaposition said...

not sure what exactly i am going to do with them...may upcycle the full ones, and just sell the half ones......:)

Kerri said...

one of my favorite things to do is estate sales saturday mornings- the fleas look so fun too!

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