29 June 2010

roadtrip post #1

this past weekend
 we took a roadtrip to lancaster area
because i had a show in the area on saturday

we hit so many places that this post is going to be a bit at a time

we went to the renningers antique show in kutztown

although it was cool
we were disappointed
we had been there years before and it used to be awesome
not so much anymore

there were not a lot of vendors
and even less customers

autopsy table........ooh gross

hot hot day and not worth the trip.......bummer.


miniannalee said...

I love all the wooden hardware drawers, crates, metal drawers & boxes. So much storage space.

junkermidge said...

Wow. It all looks awesome to me. It must have been SUPER awesome before. What a fun road trip!

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