30 June 2010

roadtrip #2

lancaster has a lot of amish !

they were having (an apparently) annual auction

an unbeleiveable amount of stuff

some nice, some not so much, but interesting

we didnt stick around for the auction,
they are about 5 tents, and a couple fields.
would be an all day affair i'm sure......

the countryside is beautiful there !
you just never know what you'll see

a friend from the prim forum turned me on to a guy
who sells stuff out of his barn
she didnt tell me how MUCH stuff he sells out of his barn !
what a pleasant surprise !

there was storm overhead at the time we were there,
and since they dont have electricity (amish),
it was rather dark,
but oh what an awesome place !!!
also, my camera died and i was trying to get some more pics
with my phone !
this guy is amazing.
he couldnt possibly even know what all he has...
such fun...we have to go back....
my truck was full (sadly) with my show stuff..
the main reason i was in the area
so i couldnt buy much...
but i did pick up a few goodies
and made a new friend..
if you are ever heading there,
email me and i'll hook you up !


kimmykats said...

Well missy I want you to know that I am going to hide in your trunk and come along! I loved all the wood stuff from yesterday and this post has lots of good junk! Thanks for sharing!

junkermidge said...

Wow that barn IS amazing! I so wished I lived closer -- but I'll keep in my mind if I'm ever out that way. You're having quite the awesome road trip.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

It is my DREAM to find a barn like that! Something like that just does not exist here.

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