30 June 2010

lancaster roadtrip...#3 and final !

on the last leg of our trip
it was raining so we hit adamstown ~ the antiques capital ~ and all the malls !
they claim 1000 vendors in 7 miles...
and i think they are not liing !
here is just a small sample of the
goodies available

a pen vending machine ???
never saw one of these before...how cool

nice furniture

i love pink !!!
these girls sure know how to pack a mall space !!
yowee, that's  a LOT of glass

i fell in love with this little vanity hamper
never saw one of these either...and i love pink !

this was for giving kids haircuts back in the day
how cute !

we also ventured in to this shop........
they aparently are new...there were no "shoppes" the day we were there...
i think the flea is on sat and sun....but....

i never, never, never saw so much stuff in one place !!
(click the pics for a better view)
one not so huge building was packed with all this:

ok...how about this typewriter !!!

lots of typewriters...all out of my pricerange

golden books galore !

playing cards !

records !

after all that........we were very tired !~!!~ lol...
i had to go set up and sell at a show the next day.
might just be getting too old for this !

but oh such fun !

one last pic...

my dad has always grown tomatoes...
he grows a LOT of tomatoes...
everyone in town gets them from him....
but nothing like these we saw on the side of the road !
(click the pic to really see them)
they must sell to the whole county !!

that's it for this trip...
getting ready for a big 4th of july show in
ellwood city...

no roadtrip....
just work....



Jill said...

That bolt bin and the cute barber chair were on the top of my list as I looked through the pictures. Those pink items were certainly unique! I hope your show does well!

Kerri said...

the pink phones!!! and i miss those kinds of phones, nice and big. easy to find. but slow to dial!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I love that wood cabinet with all the drawers~and all the suitcases. How fun!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What an amazing collection of treasures!
That typewriter is yummy. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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