12 October 2010

country living south

getting loaded up for country south !

we'll be heading down to georgia
for the first ever

county living magazine fair SOUTH !

we're working like crazy this week
to make sure we brings loads
of goodies for y'all.

leave a comment if you're going
to be there, and please
stop in our booth and say hello and
let us know you read our blog !

can't wait for the fair,
we're told it's a completely
different experience from
the columbus show.

we'll find out and let you know.

country living magazine
stella shows
sure know what they're doing
when it comes to puttin on a show.

overwhelming !
i'm sure.


angela walker jewelry said...

Have a wonderful time!
Health and happiness,

kimmykats said...

Have a great time! Keep those fingers busy working.

Kim said...

I wish you a great show and safe travels. And can't wait till you get back to see the pics!!!

Curtains In My Tree said...

I am going to the Atlanta Georgia Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park. What a mouth full.
I don't know if i can find you there or not but will be looking.


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