03 October 2010

jeanne d'arc living


I have become enamored with
Danish decorating blogs.

Their style is somewhat like our
shabby chic, but different...
better somehow.

I love the muted colors and 'all white' stylings.

I love the accents they use.
Many handmade, recycled..just what i like.

I have found a new magazine called
Jeanne d’Arc Living

They just recently started publishing in English,
although the pictures are the best part anyway !

love love love
this publication

and have decided to offer it for sale
on my site.

This magazine is printed on thick,
quality paper, more like a book.

Thick too, not a bit like what we
here call a magazine.

It is not a 'read and toss out’ magazine,

it is a ‘keep forever
and refer back to it again and again’
type of book.

It has minimal advertising…
and even that is cool…
offering items of a different look
than you can find here in the states.

This is the coolest magazine
I have ever come across,
I got one and was hooked..

It’s expensive…$30..
but oh so worth it.
Buy it once and you too will be hooked.

The fabulous pictures are mostly
in the French country style,
with some Nordic and Scandinavian touches thrown in.


I only have a limited number of issues..
so order fast…….

(I will also be offering some copies
of past issues shortly on my site,
so after you’re hooked,
you know you will be looking for those!)

Jump on the band wagon
and see what’s up and coming
in the decorating field.

Or just check one out for the
shear pleasure.

If you are interested...
here's where to purchase:



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