02 February 2011

let there be light

to anyone and everyone
who ever built a house or did a remodel
kudos to you !!

i never knew how indecisive i could be
house update:

the electricians have arrived

so...not only do i have to make decisions as to
where switches should go,
where outlets should be,

where i may be putting my tv
(so they can run cable while the walls are open)
to where my phone will be
(same reason)
to where my computer and air conditioner might go
i have to choose fixtures
for each room,
the porch, and outside

you would think this would be an easy decision....
not so much !

i thought
(oh so obviously incorrectly)
the i had a bit of a 'flair' for decorating

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

i cant even make simple decisions !!

i went to lowes and home depot  - twice each

and brought home 0 fixtures


finally today ... because i am

o u t    o f     t i m e

i had to choose


to complicate matters
the ceilings in this house

so no dangling lights AT ALL
not even an inch !!!

you would think this would help narrow it down
but NOT

why do they have so many to choose from???
give me 3 and i'm good........then i can pick

but not 300
just too many

white or silver or gold or wrought iron...
pretty, plain, antiquey, country....
glass, metal...

oh so many choices

after much mind changing deep thought
 i realize my problem was that what i really want
are antique fixtures..

ah ha !
light bulb moment
(get it...light bulb...electic fixures...haha)

i do not want the
new, shiny, chromy, fancy, cheap reprodution
ones they had..

so my decision was to go least expensive
and upgrade after i hit the flea markets this summer !!

good idea huh??

so what you see here is what i ended up with

temporarily.....haha.. no, really


what do you think?
did i do good,
or just put off the choosing??

either way .. i dont care

it's done, i'm done and i feel good


i did actually make one choice..

i need to add a light over my steps...
being small, narrow and triangular,
i think a light may just be a good idea..

i needed something that i will be able to reach
and change bulbs
(how do they do it with those high ceilings?)

and i dont want to have to change out the fixture later
as it is very hard to get up there..

so i found this one..
it hangs from a long chain

very antiquey looking..
works for me..

so after many days of looking..

i am ... exhausted ... really

design and decorate an entire house.....never happen

nate........where are you ?????

but for now..

in my little farmette house...

let there be light !

hooking up with
white wednesday
(you see i chose all white lights)

grab a cup of coffee
and hop over and see
the unbeeliveable amount of bloggers
who join in this great party


Kris said...

Ya know I always wondered how they change lights that are really high. Now I know. I saw someone at work change a high light bulb using a long arm with a suction like thing on the end. He put the suction thing on the bulb squeezed his handle and turned the bulb. Out it came and then reversed his steps to put new one in. No ladders invovled. Love the light you picked out.

kim said...

I am with you ....I had a horrible time picking out my lights and finally ended up with very simple ones that I knew I would eventually change out. Plus they cost like they are gold!!! Hope you are enjoying your new tasks!!

My Boutique Bijou said...

Hey Jeanne! It's your 'Burgh pal again... I'd definitely wait for the flea's too. Do you know how many things I have on my "list" to look for? And each and every year I keep adding to it...because you know as a fellow treasure hunter, you always think there is another discovery around the corner! Good luck with your house!


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