08 May 2011

mother's day

my mom

so many of my friends have lost their moms in
the past few years

i feel for them

my siblings and i are so very blessed
to still have our mom here with us

as a child...

our mom was the best

she raised 4 girls
 (and a brother who came later)

everyone in our town knew her

she grew up there...

she was our girl scout leader
so all my friends know her....

but not alot of people know what happened to her 20 years ago


my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor


we though we were going to lose her


she was operated on the day after my youngest son was born


my mother also had a great faith..

she told us all that she was going to have the thing removed and come right home...


and that's exactly what she did


no one expected this..

she had a minimal chance of survival

they said they were going to keep her sedated for a few weeks
to let her ease back

she had other plans...

within hours of the operation,
she was awake and talking...

and within a week
she was home...

faith works wonders doesnt it??

this past year was my son's 20th birthday

reminding me that we have had 20 more years with my mom
than we would have had things turned our differently

even as an adult..
we need our moms


look at this picture

this is our family

in the past 20 years
there have been more grandchildren,
 great grandchildren,
and countless nieces and nephews
who would never have know her.........

we truly are blessed !

we love ya mom

happy mother's day


Anonymous said...

great pictures of grandma :)
and don't forgot, mother's day is for godmothers, too! happy mother's day to you!!

hopeandjoyhome said...

She sounds like a strong amazing woman! I am lucky to still have my mom and dad too. Great post!

Kelley - a very JunqueyGal! said...

That is such a great tribute to your mom! What great faith and character she has. Thanks for sharing.

brownbat said...

Your mom always has been so kind and patient, so accepting and loving. She is as gracious as she is pretty. We all are lucky to have her !

Mary Ellen Smith said...

Thank your for sharing your sweet and uplifting story of your mom. Our family lost our mom 20 years ago and yes, so many babies born that we didn't get to share with her. Your family really is truly blessed.

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