02 June 2011

where is the world is juNxtaposition

just a quick post in case you all thought i had disappeared

i think maybe i have......

this has pretty much been my view

since my last post...

did a show in ohio


had a birthday...55...i am a 'real senior' now !
get discoutns and everything !


did a show (the italian festival) in philly
(saw the betsy ross house,
which is supposed to be like my new house ???)


had a new grandniece born !!


did a show in altoona


went to see jeff foxworthy..haha

took a buying trip to ohio..

hit rogers on friday

hit hartville on saturday

hit the washington antique fair back home on sunday

then hit our local flea after that.....


broke my record and got 9 typewriters !!
whoo oo...that's a lot of jewelry !


i had hoped to blog about each of these trips,
but time does not seem to be on my side...

so sorry,,this is as good as it gets for right now.


the sun is out...finally..
the rain has stopped....finally...

and i am going outside !!


as a side note...been working on the house..
what a chore !! so much to do.....

i have been working outside...wow..there is a lot to do..

i think it will take forever
to make it look the way i imagine

move in date keeps getting pushed back..

oh well..no hurry...


getting ready for a show in buffalo in a couple weeks,
my granddaughter's high school graduation next week !!
(wow, i must be getting old !)

and starting to get things together for the
country living fair which isnt until september
but requires a LOT of work !


til next time...
wishing i was going to the farm chicks show..

maybe next year......


Jane said...

Hi Jeanne,
You have been one busy lady! Happy belated birthday!! I hope with all that traveling you were able to relax and have a nice birthday.
You are a grandmother of a graduating Sr.?? No way!! I'll be 51 on Saturday and I just got my son out of high school :)
Good hearing from you.

kimmykats said...

Jeanne, good to see you are still kicking. I have been wondering how the house is coming along. How are the sales this year?? Do you notice a trend in what is selling? That is a lot of typing too you know with 9!!

Kerri said...

wow- a whole lotta stuff has happened! congrats on turning 55 and getting discounts! ;)

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