13 June 2011

hats tats and this 'n' that

spent the weekend in allentown new york

allentown art festival
and the allen west festival
occur at the same time

the crowds were unreal !

i had never been to this festival before
and wasnt sure what to expect..

i saw more hats and tats than i've seen in quite awhile !

the wonderful thing about this kind of crowd
 is the people watching

i was thinking of a theme for this post
and hats and tats seemed appropriate...

most of these folks had both !

and i loved the outfits !

well...so much for the people..

as for the art...........the allentown festival was so huge..
if you ever get the chance...you could easily spend the day

i was way too busy to take my time
but early before it started
i walked the show...well actually ran the show

if you look close in the above pic, you can see how long
the rows of tents are..
and this is only one of about 5 streets !!

these are just some of the things that struck me

we also enjoyed the location just a bit

all in all
a wonderful trip

one of my top shows ever..

i will be back

thanks to all the crazy, wonderful, colorful,
interesting people we met who allowed me
to photograph them.......

i love the diversity
i love the originality
i love the people who know themselves and dont
care what others think

thanks allentown..

see you next year !

and on a side note...

my lovely talented, intelligent, athletic, beautiful granddaughter
graduated high school this week.
she is the first in the generation of our family !
we love you STAR
congrats and best wishes for your future !


Jill said...

Congratulations to your grand daughter! What a show! I'm happy is was financially successful and my goodness what a crowd!

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