20 June 2011

random flea pics

note: if no pics are showing up??
click on the title...

at shows everyone always asks where
i get my typewriters...
well...i flea market every chance i get !

here are just some random pics from
my travels in the last few weeks..

we hit rogers a couple times,
hartville in ohio,
rossi's pop up right here at home,
monogahelia all town yard sale,
vandergrift community sale,highland park community sale,
bull creek fleatique,
wasington fair grounds antique show,
many estate sales...
and i'm sure a few i cant even remember...

all in all...i think i ended up with over 20 typewriters
within a few weekends !
but always looking for more.......

i have a thing for old tricycles


 teeny tiny organ

i wanted this old slide for my garden,
 but alas out of my price range


 i dug around in here for a while...ended up with 48 of 'em !


my grapevines dont look like this !!


i bought a couple of these ...
not sure where they are going just yet..


had to get a pic of my favorite boots !!


that's about my life for the past few weeks..
(minus the weekend i did a show)

that's where i get my typewriters...

as i have said before..
i love a good flea market.
it's my favorite thing to do..

and i get to do it for a living !!
cant beat that !!
(except maybe if i lived near a beach !)


Kerri said...

that little pink trike is so interesting! i love flea markets!!!

Jill said...

Neat stuff Jeanne, that oak card catalog/file cabinet is awesome! Just to add also, I don't see pictures in the next post and had to click on this one to see them too.

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