12 September 2011

antiques in the woods

this past weekend we attended
antiques in the woods..

it's in columbiana ohio

(bought a bunch of these,,
at that price..who could pass them up?)

it was a great show...hadnt been there is years..and was pleasantly surprised !


oh how i wanted this potting table...but i'm gonna make my own !

tractor show too...

did you ever see a white caterpillar??

i really really wanted this....but i would never be able to get it up my steps....
it is an old jewelers bench with pull out work stations...
oh..i really wanted it.....:(


sunday we went to our local hannastown antique fair...
these additions are from there..
not many vendors..guess everyone thought it was gonna rain...

wow..what a bed !

loved the lines of this fan...

i actually considered buying this...if i was just a bit more cash full right now...but..alas..i left it...it was so different...cute and small..would actually fit in my house !


this was a 'traveler'..cute huh?

we are so lucky that we have so many antique/flea sources
 in our area

sorry not more commentary...


country living fair
 ....this week !!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait !!!

oh yeah...and look what i saw this week..

could see if from end to end..
it was huge..double..and so colorful...
you could actualy see purple!
so very awesome

wish i had my camera with me..
this is a cell phone pic
(while i was driving..argh !)


Ranger 911 said...

Seeing all that FABULOUS stuff got my heart racing!!!

Jane said...

Seriously!!! $1.00 each for those crates. I would not have left a single one there!! And all those cubby pieces....especially that jeweler's desk! LOVE!!
I used to travel N. Ohio for my job when we lived in Ohio back in the day. I got to Columbiana on several occasions. I'm beginning to think that you do indeed have the best places to shop in your area.

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