08 September 2011

everything ... and the kitchen sink

i've been on the lookout for a kitchen sink...

naturally i want something out of the ordinary..

no such luck this trip...

i may have to buy new...argh !!

anyway...in my search i have hit our local
constuction reuse recycle center

they accept donations from anywhere..of anything...
(just about)...
so you never know what you will find there

 cant imagine where these came from???

love love love these..they have a bajillion of them...
wish i had a place for one ($125.00..not bad)

now that's a chandelier !!!
(and they had more than one of them !)

can you beleive i couldnt find the sink i wanted???

 i have a few doors on my shopping list...
i will be back here for sure when i'm ready to buy

and just in yesterday...hundreds of old heywood wakefield school chairs

when i sold antiques..these were worth some buckos..
guess not anymore..

these are going for $5 each here

(someone will snatch them up and make a fortune..
not me..no storage room)

and they have a bunch of these old cafeteria tables...
how cool are they??

oh for more square footage...

oh well...this go round, i ended up with on old metal file cabinet and a bathroom sink

both of which you get to see later....

again...pittsburgh..great place to shop for vintage/antique..

how lucky we are !


Jane said...

Wow! I would go crazy in that place! That first piece you pictured was amazing. I love pieces like that with all sorts of drawers or cubbies.
Good luck finding the kitchen sink!!

red.neck chic said...

Oh my gosh... OH MY GOSH!!! I think I just saw 50 million things I would love to OWN!!!

GREAT place!!!
;-D robelyn

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