05 September 2011

what's a yurt?

this is a yurt

their description:

"a mongolian-style round tent,
on a wooden deck, equipped
with a cooking stove, refrigerator,
table, chairs, bunk beds,
electric heat,
deck, picnic table,
and fire ring."

what more could you want...

my description:

a place to hide out for a week,
go off the grid,
live by my own rules.
and get in touch with my soul

the campground is in keystone state park
which is about a 40 drive from me

 when we were kids,
our parents took us there in the summer
to swim in the lake.

when i grew up i took my kids...

Keystone is a place you can go
where NO ONE cares what you look like
in a bathing suit...

where your kids can run free...

and it's surrounded by amazing nature !

we have our family reunion there every year...

the nature alone is worth the trip

but there's also a great history,
which i find interesting

this lake was manmade back in 1909

the water was used to cool coal
used to make steel

the state acquired it in 1945 and turned
it into a park

 there are hiking trails everywhere,
wildlife galore
(saw a ton of deer,
but they were too quick for me)

it's like a great patina !!

yes..i hike in a skirt??
it's all i have for summer..

and i get to wear my fave boots !

so basically,
i'm home,
i'm refreshed..
(i'm getting ready for country living fairs !!)

you can either think i'm nuts...to go away alone,
or you wish you were me....

either way..
all i can say is..

it works for me..

* * *


Kim said...

Glad to have you home and I totally understand the alone factor.

The Whistle Stop said...

Lucky girl!

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