28 August 2011

flea market

when i do shows...

people are always asking me where i find
all my materials..

i tell them...
i am a flea market junkie !

i am very lucky

here in pittsburgh,
we have a multitude of flea markets,
antique shows, and
junk fairs

this past weekend was a perfect example

friday we headed to rogers flea market
in ohio

it is one of the biggest anywhere around

we head out at the crack of dawn..
it's a little over an hour away..

and after 9 am..it's get very crowed..

and HOT

you can always find interesting junk there !

this is a telephone...cool huh?

this is a trunk that folds out to a table..

never saw one of those before

here's the crowd..
before it gets crowded !

lots of antiques

but no typewriters this trip..

 acouple good deals on silverware though !


saturday morning...

foggy crack of dawn again...

headed about an hour
in the opposite direction
to an annual antique fair
in ligonier

they usually have some higher end stuff
at this show...

look at this quilt..it had the tiniest squares

cant imagine how long it took someone to make it !

lots of old chippy wood in great colors !

and furniture to die for !

it's always a good show...
but no typewriters here either !

bought lots of vintage jewelry though to rework !

this show is also good
for lots of primitives..

harder to come by these days

i did buy this awesome light, mirror, shelf,
towel rack, medicine cabinet  !!!

it's going to fantastic in my bathroom
if we can figure out how to hang it !!

can you beleive this table?
16 feet long

original...not newly made..

came out a huge kitchen i'm told

there are also a few antique shops
(more like junk shops)
on the way,
which are always fun to stop at

this was way cool.
it held sewing macine needs and shuttles

you spun the dial and it would open to the section you wanted


sunday...again crack of dawn..

headed about an hour in another
different direction

we have great antique market out in washington county

lots of unique items here

loved the color of this childs set

and i really wanted this...

dont ask me what these are???

and did you ever see one of these with the wrapper on ??

i never did...
very cool

after this show,
i came home and hit the local flea...
which was packed today cause the
weather was nice...

got another type and a bunch of religious medals


we are really lucky around here as far as fleas go

we have a local one which is ok..
we can hit rogers any friday..it's always good..
and each weekend, there is an anique or fleatique
within an hours drive

we are also loaded with antique and junk shops
just about any direction you drive...

so..this is just one weekend..

and there's where i find my 'junk'


off to my yurt vaca tomorrow
for a week of solitude,
and massive jewelry making
for the country living fair !!


Jane said...

Be still my heart!!! Now how come I didn't know about all of this when I lived in Ohio?? I thought we had some good places around here (Missouri) but I think you won the prize!!
Have fun creating.

Kim said...

I would love to know where you are going to stay in the yurt at. That is my kind of relaxation.

hopeandjoyhome said...

So jealous! Around here most flea markets are total junk..and not good junk, which I love but dollar store junk. I must look into those flea markets..I have been to antique auctions in Ohio before..I'm sure my husband would be up for a trip! Julia

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