24 August 2011

a sad day

It's a sad day in our town,

we had an extensive storm this past week which caused a flash flood on a city street. 

four people died. they are being buried today.  it was so surreal, that we are all still in shock.

out of nowhere, on a street that we travel all the time, in the middle of the city, the storm sewers backed up and a 9 foot wall of water came right down the street, covering the vehicles that were stuck in traffic.

a young mother and her 2 girls were trapped in their mini van, and as rescuers came in row boats, they floated right over them and were unaware.

another 72 year woman, got out of her car, and was washed down the sewer drain, later to be found on the bank of the river, miles away.

many people were rescued due to some fast work of the responders.

but these 3 were not, kimbery, brenna, makalea griffith

this is such a heart breaking story, i cry as i type this.
i cant even give you more details, because it tears my heart out to tell it.

although i did not know these people, they are from my neighborhood,

just driving home from visiting their dad at work...on a street that i and my family and friends drive every week. ( it could have been me, my children, my grandchildren. )

i ask that you say a prayer for the young father, and siblings, who cant possibly be making sense of this tragedy.

* * * * * * * * * * *

i also tell the story in hopes of saving one life.

do you know what this is?

it is called an emergency hammer. 
my brother bought me one a few years back...and i keep in my truck door.

it has a seat belt cutter, a pin to puncture your air bag, and what would have been most important in this case...a hammer to break your window should you get trapped in your vehicle.

they are relatively inexpensive. 

buy one for everyone you care about !

* * * * *

as the tears stream down my face, i tell you the story of these lovely girls, to say that it can happen anywhere, anytime, when you least expect it...please be prepared.

* * * * *

and give your kids a hug today..........


Jill said...

Praying and crying.

kim said...

Sometimes there are no answers but only God's plan for us. Your town will be in my prayers.

Jane said...

Oh Jeanne,
Such a sad story. A family just going about their day and then tragedy. Hard to comprehend.
Thank you for the info. about the emergency hammer. Such a great idea.

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