11 October 2011

life is what happens........

"life is what happens
 when you're busy making plans...."


"man plans...God laughs..."


either one fits my life for the past few weeks...

this is me:


or maybe this:

or this definiately feels like me :


what i really need right now is a little more of this:


oh well.....that said.....

thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my son David...

he is recouperating well...

(car accident...broken hip..months of rehab ahead..stressed mom)

and i'm heading to Ligonier this weekend for

Fort Ligonier Days


and next week to Atlanta

Country Living South

and then maybe a really long nap ....
hope to see you somewhere along the way !


The Whistle Stop said...

Oh... so sorry, Jeanne! I'm right there with you on the treadmill, all the balls in the air, the uphill battle... and the need of more time! I have also been there... more than once with my boys & husband in car accidents! Glad your son will be alright and hope the road to full recovery isn't too long or too painful for all! Good luck on your shows! I loved the pic's of the CL show! Hope to either do the show or at least go to it one of these years!
Take care of yourself too in these busy days ahead! Gotta love the "season"... but, winter naps are good!

The Whistle Stop said...

Me again! Do you mind if I post your pictures on my blog... with a link back to you! It is so fitting right now! Our little shop is only open Saturdays and for seasonal open houses... we just finished a vendor market at the shop, one craft show the past two weekends... have our Xmas open house in 3 weeks... a big craft show in 5... and took on a huge endeavor that we open in 2 1/2 weeks. We will have a temporary store at an upscale shopping center. Open shopping center hours... every day... plus our store schedule! What we won't do in this business to keep a float! lol! Thanks! Laurie :)

Debbie said...

Wow, sounds like your really need to have a little break!! Have a great time at the Fair, sure wish I could attend someday. Best wishes and prayers to your son, sounds like a pretty bad accident.


DearHelenHartman said...

Ouch - sorry to hear about your son. Keep running and juggling, and keeping the faith. Have fun in Atlanta.

Jane said...

I am so sorry to read about your son's car accident! I know that call must have been very scary!
Good luck with all you have going on. I know it's hard to balance it all....I'll be thinking of you.

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