19 October 2011

off I goooooooo

country living fair

stone mountain


* * *

sounds great..doesnt it??
sounds like a good idea...doesnt it??

well....this year is going to be a whole new experience for me


you may not know this about me...but..
i DONT drive...

really..i dont do rain, snow, dark...
nothing other than blue sunny skies

well as it turns out..
my 'driver' 'helper' 'friend'
who was supposed to come with me..

from Pennsylvania to Georgia

all 700 miles

canceled at the last minute
leaving me in a huge lurch !

i weighed out my options and
decided to give it a shot

it's a beautiful drive
especially this time of year

i planned to make the trip over 3 days..

i know, i know....absolutely ridiculous
but it's the only way i could manage it
without 24 hr panic attacks

first leg..
west virginia

blue skies...all good !

too hard to take pics and drive..
but stopped at an overlook..

 awesome bridge

heck of a walk back up though...

back on the road

first day down...

second day..
not so great....


this is how it started..
did i mention fog...
and rain...

(no pictures...
never took my hands off the wheel !)


heavy sigh..

i DID it though..
made it as far as south carolina !!
whoo hoo


dont ever want to do it again though..
(oh yeah...and i do have to get back home dont i?)

oh well...relaxing tonite in my favorite hotel

last leg tomorrow
and then set up

looking forward to the show..

you know

country living fairs
are the


The Whistle Stop said...

Good for you! Hope you have a great show... can't wait to see more pictures too. You'll do fine on your way home too.
Laurie :)
Never did get time to post your pictures... thanks anyway.

Debbie said...

You are a brave soul, good for you, be empowered!!! I happen to love the fog over the mountain picture. We can't have sunshine everyday or we wouldn't appreciate the sunny days!! Hope you have an amazing time and get to take lots of pictures!!!
Be safe!!

BarkerBell Herbs and Heirlooms said...

Glad to see you made it. Proud of you for moving out of your comfort zone, but sorry you had to go it alone.

Tiny Pink Flowers said...

Great Job Lady! It's an exercise in growth! You are Strong!

Tiny Pink Flowers said...

omg I don't know where Tiny Pink Flowers came from but it's Carrie!

jeanne @ juNxtaposition said...

carrie..too funny...i wondered who that was????

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