23 October 2011

made it

well...i made it !

the last leg of the trip
was fine...

i was relaxed and only have a few
hours to go

so i managed !!

hit the show and set up,

met my sisters for dinner
(one lives here and one flew in)

checked in
and whew..
let go of the drive stress...

and on to the show stress...hahahah

 sister betsy with the pumpkins

teaser show pic


fun show pic..

way way more pics to come..

last day of the show today..

staying over..


the DRIVE home...haha

i'm ready
i can do it...

really i can...

(sound convincing ??)

huge post when i get back..

if you werent here..
you missed a great show !!

beautiful weather
great stuff
wonderful people...



Jane said...

I'm very proud of you for making that trip on your own. I know it couldn't have been easy but you did it!! What a pretty drive too. You couldn't have asked for a prettier time of year for that long drive.
Glad the show was a success. Looks like you and your sisters were having a good time too!

Jill said...

You did it!! I'll say a prayer for your trip home. The show sounds like so much fun. I think that US map is just incredible!

Kim said...

I am so glad you made it in good shape! You should have contacted me I would have driven you. Would have given me a reason to go to the show.

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