19 January 2012

on board .... literally


i have jumped on the bandwagon

or shall i say
i have jumped on the board(s)

well ..... hasnt everyone at this point ???

* * * 
i'm not sure i really get it just yet..

i suppose it's just a huge bulletin board
that you share with 
anyone who wants to share it ??.

you can 'pin' things you think are cool

things you want to look for

design ideas

garden ideas

clothing ~ style ideas

and some just bazaar stuff that you see

you sort it into 'boards'
(which i havent quite done yet)
and it seems it's just a way to sort out your stuff...


i have always done this anyway

i have thousands
(really... literally  thousands)
of pictures in folders
on my computer

sorted into all sorts of categories 

booth designs,
on and on

so now what.....??

do i have to save them all in 2 places?
one on my computer
and now one on pinterest for all to see....??

really...i'm not sure i get it

since i've always done this anyway ....
is this one more thing 
I should have invented?

(yes, there have been many...
i used hair clips to hold my potato chip bags closed, back in the 70's
never thought to market it? duh..)

but..are they making money doing this?
if so...how?
i dont see any ads...

who's paying for all that bandwidth??

 or is this another one of those things
that they get us hooked on. . .
and then start charging us??


oh well....
one last thought...

not to be negative... but....

arent we just sharing all our ideas?

is that a good thing.....

if ideas are how you make your living...

do you want people pinning your stuff and sharing these ideas 
for everyone to copy??

(you think etsy is bad for this, pinterest is a virtual smorgasbord)

oh well...
good or bad...
it looks like it is just one more aspect of
social networking
that those of us who do business online
have to get onboard

so............if you are so inclined....

you are welcome to follow my


* * *

i'm curious . . . . what do you think????

* * * * * * *

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Kim said...

I feel the need just like you, being that I sell online as well as doing shows but I just cannot justify the time. It seems like such a time hog to me. Taking away from my studio time. I need all the time in there I can get.

Honey at 2805 said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

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