26 March 2012

sometimes i wish i were a guy......

* * * 

dont get me wrong..

i am quite pleased to be a woman...

every now and then...
i wish i were a guy.

* * *

for example....when i need help
 to load big 'junk' into my truck...

you know..wish i had longer arms, bigger hands.....

* * * 

or when....no matter how hard i try ..i cant turn a bolt/screw..

makes me mad...and i wish i had the strength of a guy...

or when guys just 'know' how to fix something that 
totally baffles me...




never so much

do i wish i was a guy

as when i go to get service done on my truck

* * * 

sorry, but i'm so peeved i just have to relate this experience.

* * *
begin rant

so i go to get my truck inspected.

last week my son rotated my tires, 
checked them out and said
 that i should get new ones before my trip to

but that they would pass  inspection
(side note..my son is a mechanic, 
licensed to do inspections in PA,
just isnt currently working at a shop)


i took my truck to the dealer..
they are supposed to treat you good
since you bought your vehicle there...

and if anything is wrong...its covered under warranty..

so this was a no brainer...

truck is still perfect, shouldnt be any problem.

inspect it and lets go !

* * *
so..they do their check up..

tell me that 2 of my tires wont pass...

and because it's a 4 wheel drive vehicle
i need all 4 tires replaced !!



so i tell him to SHOW ME
the tires that dont pass...

* * *

he disappears, then comes back,
takes me into the garage and shows me where he 
has circled a spot on each tire...

so...no dummy am I..

i say...well let me see the tool..
let me see the test....
let me see how it does NOT pass...

 * * *

he gets the mechanic..
he gets the little measuring tool...

and he had a really hard time getting it to read
in the red....he had to wiggle the hell out of it 
and then i slightly went into the red section, 
then popped right back into the good section.


* * * 

service guy still says 'no go'

then argues with me also that i need all 4 tires to pass inspection
even though they could get only 1 to read not good (with the wriggle and all)

i say that is not true.....

he says they just wont do it...blah blah blah.

he says if i go somewhere else and get the 2 tires put on
and come back, he will pass it.
but...charge me again...


* * * 

this is all bullshit...sorry, but it is..

so i say...put everything back together..
this discussion is over..

i'm done...

give me your card...i want your name...

* * *


about 10 minutes later the mechanic
comes out with my truck

he comes over to me and says that he passed it...
that the service manager misunderstood him..

he was just recommending that i get 4 new tires..
for my safety...not for inspection

* * *
what morons...how dumb do they woman are.....really............
* * *
anyway..this would never happen to a guy.....
hence...sometimes i wish i was a guy...
just to eliminate the hassle and


  * * *

rant over



brownbat said...

Yay. You go girl! (Now name names. Just a clue as to the dealership so zio can snarl at them if I ever drive by.)

Rip said...

I feel you - been there, done that with the cheating mechanics. Good for you that you stood up to them!

Anonymous said...

I HATE being treated horrid by someone with no class and no character. AS IF we don't see then coming a mile away. Idiots. Slay them with your word play and excellent cunning. Done.
Good for you.
xo Jeanne.
bees knees bungalow.

For Keeps said...

That's rude.

I wish you better.

Brake Discs

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