09 April 2012

gettin' my flea on

blue skies

great temps...

free time.

what else to do

but hit the fleas !!

rogers was insane this week !!

they say it's the busiest day of the season..
and i would say that yes...it was !!

but naturally we dont care..
it's the best flea around here...

well...it's a little over an hour away...

but i go every friday that i can

as usual

fabulous finds everywhere !

you see all kinds of things...and people too !!

loved the outfit...and he showed me..they were overalls..

and his wife had on a matching pair !!

i shopped til i dropped....

got so much great stuff..
and the ribs there are the best !!!

the only bad thing was...

it took a half hour just to get out of there !!!


Kim said...

I would love to make a run to Rogers some friday! I hear its the best!! Thanks for letting me share your visit with you.

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